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Hospitap™ Tap a good health

Hospitap™ is a unique way to provide easy health care services to everyone through his or her smartphone.

Hospitap™ connects a patient to the healthcare market place by providing them the best health offers available in the market. It allows patients to remotely access all the facilities of the leading hospitals, health centers, clinics and polyclinics by simply tapping on their smartphones.

Hospitap™ is an innovative and futurist platform built to help patients get access to hospitals, health insurance covers, emergency services at their own convenience. Hospitap™ provides a comprehensive Health Wallet that makes it possible for everyone to have access to world-class health care for themselves and their family members.

Hospitap™ is the best and easiest way to stay healthy and happy.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people get easy access to better health care services for a happy and healthy life by creating the largest healthcare market place network.


  • We are kind and caring
  • We value health and well-being
  • We are innovative and transparent
  • We are open and accessible
  • We live for excellence

With Hospitap™ you can

  • Create and manage your health dashboard.
  • Manage your and your families Health Record and access it from anywhere, any time.
  • Get health related special offers.
  • Find and manage your hospitals and health service providers.
  • Find and manage your doctors and specialists.
  • Manage your appointments.
  • Video Consult a Specialist.
  • Instantly Contact your Health Care Team.
  • Call the Lab to collect sample from your home.
  • View and receive lab and other test results.
  • Order your medication online and get it delivered at your home.
  • Get Medication Reminders.
  • Manage your Health Insurance Cards.
  • Create and manage your own Health Wallet and make payments online.
  • Book Emergency Services at your convenience.

Connecting the healthcare marketplace

Hospitap™ is Indonesia’s first mobile-based healthcare market place that gives power in the hand of the patients. Now healthcare access and getting the right kind of care is as easy as a tap on your smartphone.

Hospitap™ is the most unique healthcare platform that connects hospitals; clinics, doctors, nurses, diagnostic centers, blood banks, organ donors, emergency services, pharmacies, and health insurances together in one place for patients to available an easy access. Hospitap™ is an on-demand, anytime, anywhere healthcare platform for patients.

Our Unique Features

Seamless medical report storage

Hospitap™ allows you to seamlessly maintain all you health record in a secured cloud location with 128 –bit SSL encryption Security layer. It is easy to use with its in-built feature to scan all your medical diagnostic record and prescription. You can elegantly and seamlessly integrate all your record in all your devices including your desktop smart phones and tables.

On demand doctor consultation

Hospitap™ On Demand Doctor Consultation is the most advanced and convenient way to reach your healthcare provider. You can consult your doctor by phone ,video call ,request a home visit ,or make an appointment at the nearest health care center.

Interoperability of Scheduling Feature

Our appointment scheduling system works across all major EMR’s deployed at different hospitals clinics, diagnostic center to book appointments online and providers to consolidate scheduling resources across facilities and EMR’s

Seamless Identity for Easy Access

The Hospitap Identity Management System (HIDM) is an engine, which allows for querying an EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) and MPI (Master Patient Index) as a component of the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system; in order to find a patient identifier and details target system. The Hospitap Identity Management System (HIDM) will match and store each of the associated patient identities in multiple target EMPIs.

Get easy access to a better health

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android.